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This is seriously one of the hardest things to do - writing about one's-self. I mean, no one knows me better than me, right? So, why is it so dang hard !


Over 25 years in this crazy business and  what have I learned? That no matter how I age, I'm still that  Redwood Falls small town shy girl that will always prefer to talk to you from a box than awkwardly in person.  That our( My)  listeners are not your typical radio  fanatics. Doctors, moms, truck drivers, etc.  We have them all.  I'm a very  private person with a public life. How does that work when our listeners come all the way from Italy to meet ?  My 4 "babies" are my pride and joy.  I would rather be sitting court side somewhere cheering them on than any other place (7 mile beach Negril, Jamaica is a close second).

Being married to Jim and his pagers as been an interesting journey! He has found that the bubble I'm encased in is quite resilient. Thank goodness so is he.

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